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I just tried to submit a new journal entry and it went into a DA black hole somewhere.  To sum up, I am alive but very tired.  Having two kids is hard!  It's time to start drawing again, though, that's my new years resolution. 
Also I am addicted to Fallout 4 and that is taking up my drawing time too.  So sorry.  (not sorry) 
I'm going to start working on submitting and responding to folks again!  Looking forward to more great chats!
Kelly Finds a Way
So this is my second baby that came out this month!  Ha!  Funny story, I finally received my hard copy of the book the day I went into labor.  It was a very exciting week. 

One of my painting instructors introduced me to a woman who had been interested for some time in having a story of hers illustrated.  And for some time, I mean, she had been waiting to publish this book for about twenty years.  We hit it off right away, and ever since I graduated from school two and a half years ago I have been very slowly working on the water color paintings for this book.  I don't think it *looks* like I spent two years on it, but a lot of life has happened in between then and now!  The experience was wonderful and Christal, the author, was incredibly patient and generous throughout.  We are both very proud of the end result. 

The story is a fun fantasy romp about a little girl who is playing with her mom things and ends up falling in to her mother's purse.  It's geared for young readers; it is also being used as a teaching tool by the author's sister to teach students who are learning English as a second language.  (Bonus for me, they had to write short essays about the book when they were done and I got to see some of their adorable artistic interpretations of the scenes.) 

So for anyone who is interested, go check out the "buy the book" section of the website!
And for the record this isn't something where I will be getting royalties or be financially supported by this (unless this book is ridiculously successful there is little chance that I would make more money on royalties than I did from what the author paid me.)  I just wanted to share the project I had been working on, and share the website in case anyone wanted one of their own! Or wanted a gift for someone, their kids, baby shower gift, whatever!  (Or you like to hoard pretty children's books, like I do.)

A note on availability, right now (as of June 2016) if you want a book you'll have to pre-order it and wait for it to be available on July 26th when they print more copies of the book. 

That's all for right now!  Again, I promise I'll be back with more Dragon Age comics.  I'm really missing Arlana's story but between the babies and the moving into a house thing we just did my plate is a little full.  But just like exercising a little every day, I need to make sure I'm sketching too.  Soon! 
Elanor Anne
Well here's my latest piece, "Elanor," born on June 1st!  Everyone involved in this project is happy and healthy, and a little tired.  :)
This post is going to double as an announcement and a "Please be patient, I promise I'm going to post more comics!" Hopefully This little girl settles nicely into a good sleep schedule.  Secondly we just moved into a new house yesterday, so on top of adjusting to having two little girls we are unpacking and settling into a new home!  Gosh, could I add anything else to the schedule?
Actually I could.  But the last thing is the culmination of a lot of work over the last two years.  I illustrated a book!  Check out my next post!
Cousin Sophia
I promise I won't only be doing baby related things from now on.  I had to share what I could manage to work on though!  I am in the last two weeks of this pregnancy and I am SO DONE.  I don't know if anything else feels like having a little human taking up all your real estate but I am ready to be on the other side of this so I can start the healing process (I am scheduled for a c-section so unless she decides to come early we have a deadline!)
This little girl here is my cousins baby Sophia.  I promised her a painting of her daughter as a baby shower gift and it only took me SIX MONTHS to actually get to it.  Sorry cousin!!  That time kind of flew by.  I was going to do a newborn painting but... obviously we changed that recently.  It was fun to do a portrait for a change though.  Although I would like to say that painting baby faces in watercolor is sort of a terrifying prospect.  It's one of those things where if the paint lifts wrong or the lines dry weird you can go from baby to old pudgy lady real quick.  And this is one of those very ambiently lit portraits so there's no great shadows to hide behind.  I think it turned out ok though.
  If there are any experienced watercolorists out there who want to impart their wisdom on getting even softer blends of color, I am ALL EARS. 

So this will probably be the last thing I post for a little while.  I may have some updates and I do have a book to announce but I will do that in the journal section.  Otherwise, I am going to be on my little DA maternity leave!  Wish us luck!


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Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Just another artist in CA, recently graduated from art school with a BFA in fine art, and desperately in need of a place to unload my gratuitously sentimental fan art. One of these days I'll figure out how to use a tablet and upload glorious colored work like everybody else.... but not today.

Not today.
Well hello!  Has it been about six months since my last update?  I think so, because that's how pregnant I am right now. 
Yup, we're expecting another little girl around the beginning of June, and I currently feel like I am carrying a small planet around and not a tiny baby.  I also look like that.  We're very excited over here, but let me tell you, the first trimester was ROUGH.  Like, constant nausea for weeks rough.  The kind where you don't want to do anything but sleep until it's over?  So naturally all drawing projects came to a screeching halt while I wussed out on the couch in the fetal position.  Once I finally got my energy back I needed to focus on other things, what sort of life stuff do I need to get done before this baby comes?  Getting our office converted into a bedroom, cleaning out junk and storing other junk.  Finishing touches on a children's book I have been working on for a lady who is self publishing (I will be posting more details about that as soon as they are polished up and ready to share.  So exciting!)  We started house hunting in our area which has been about 30% exciting possibilities and 70% sucking the soul out of my body. 
I'm also just wrapping up another 8 week set of art courses at the charter school where I teach.  Though this time around they asked if I could "throw together a middle school class."  Just THROW TOGETHER an 8 week curriculum for kids at an age where the only thing that appeals to them is TOTAL CHAOS. 

And I had a week and a half to prepare. 


Oh yeah, and I have a two year old too!  Let's not forget her!  She's still awesome and fun and sweet (and she talks so much, she honestly keeps getting funnier), but she's also getting more independent and has waaaay more energy than I do right now.  On good days we're having fun exploring the world together and teaching her to be a civilized person.  On bad days I'm just trying to keep her from digging through the cat box.  We have a lot of both days. 

So basically, what I'm whining about is, look how impressive it is that I finished another page of Arlana's story!  LOOK.  I still draw sometimes!  I wish I was drawing more but you have to measure success differently depending on what's happening in your life at the time.  That's been a good but tough lesson I've been learning throughout my life, but especially as a mother.  I've never wanted to be the "do it all" woman, but there are THINGS I want to make sure I don't let fall by the wayside.  And just taking the time to do a little sketching here and there are helping me make sure I don't stop drawing all together because I'm too busy or not motivated, or what have you. My husband is also so supportive of making sure that I have time to do my art, I can't emphasize enough how important that is.  Don't stay with someone who doesn't appreciate and support what you're passionate about (as long as it's a healthy passion, you know?  I'm really passionate about eating chocolate too but we try to keep that in check.) 
Having you cool people to share it with is also so motivating and keeps me accountable.  I'm sorry if I haven't responded to some of your wonderfully thoughtful comments, I think I kept holding out until I had something to upload.  Now I'm going to try to go back through and answer those. 

Hope to hear how some of you are doing too!  Thank you for your patience, all the favs, and all the comments!
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